The stream of consciousness inside us is like water descending mountains. When engaging with the world outside it flows steadily through the pebbled soil of everyday life. But when in isolation, it is a dangerous downfall from the tallest heights of our selves to the bottomless pit of our inner void.

This project is a personal response to the extreme fall into the self, a consequence of our current times. It is a solid grip onto which the self could decelerate the fall, avoid the impact and be accompanied as gently as possible into its deepest meanders, for a chance of acceptance and personal growth.

Memories, meditation and self-care have been combined into a visual representation of what dealing with our psychological wounds means. US, WOUNDED STONES aims at developing a therapeutical path that involves archival photography, painting and self-analysis to deal with intimate wounds one accumulates in life and never openly confronts.

The project is a mixed media investigation of some personal and often avoided memories, with the mean of meditation exercises involving a specific object of relevance: the stone. Handling the stone provokes memories of the past to gush out of consciousness in all their pain and suffering. By projecting those memories on to the stone’s surface - through the act of writing - a process of healing and self-care unexperienced before had arisen.

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