The Strait of Messina, with its natural patrimony and millennial history, is a place like no other in the world. A unique stretch of sea that has witnessed the birth and flourishing of many great civilisations throughout centuries.

Since as far as Roman times, the dream of a stable connection between Sicily and mainland Italy has provided many occasions for debate in favour or against its ambitious realisation. Console Lucius Caecilius Metellus was one of the first advocates of a bridge that would allow transportation to Rome of the elephants taken from Asdrubales during the First Punic War. In recent times, the idea of a cutting-edge technology solution made history for its colossal failure, uncovering corrupted interests, political vanities and personal greeds by many figures of the Italian political class, one for all Silvio Berlusconi.

A Place Like No Other investigates the events around the failure of the early 2000 bridge’s construction. It is a multimedia body of work that raises questions of environmental concern, social injustice and the use of propagandistic discourse as a tool for asserting political power. The work provides an overview of the events around the bridge’s failure and it is developed within four levels: utopian, dystopian, local and global. Video work, 3D rendering, photographic and archival material has been combined into a multimedia installation that presents the bridge’s story to an international audience. The intent is to raise awareness around the events of the Strait as well as generate a critical attitude toward more global propagandistic rhetorics behind major national works.

The work provides a meaningful artistic elaboration that can address the most recent concerns of the environmental crisis our society is currently experiencing. Furthermore, it develops over the fundamental need of awareness of the dangerous mechanisms of propagandistic rhetoric, employed by governments to gain consent and ultimately influence the nations’ emotional attitude toward crucial matters of urban progress, eliminating any chance for a critical judgment along the way.

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